Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Ben Behind His Voices, blog: New Address reminder!

Hi my dear followers -
 Just reminding you that my most recent posts can be found at the new site for this blog, Ben Behind His Voices blog. I hope you will follow there for updates, excerpts, news, and to join the conversation about issues and emotions when mental illness strikes the family.

Happy to tell you that Ben Behind His Voices is receiving some great advance reviews! You can preorder, and also peek inside, on Amazon here: Ben Behind His Voices on Amazon

There is also a facebook page and group (all "likes" most welcome!)- and the book's website. So once again thanks for following here and I hope you will continue to follow, read, share, and tell your friends.

Thanks you - see you at the new address!


  1. Randye,
    Please check the ULR. There are a couple of typos and therefore the link doesn't work.

  2. Rossa - thank you! I dropped typing class several times in High School, opting for advanced Physics and Drama instead. Amazing I finished a whole book using the keyboard. Thanks for letting me know, it is fixed now.

  3. My "girl" friends at university couldn't type because they felt that they would be "type" cast as secretaries. We were told that knowing how to type would limit our opportunities. I'm glad I took typing, but am a very slow typist still.